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Anger and Numbness

The numbness and anger which can come from being in the military are not something you need to continue to live with. The service, the separations, the routine, the adrenaline-focused reaction to danger – all these activities can drain an already exhausted supply of ‘being.’

It is difficult to get up each day, keep a bright outlook, and wonder what is going to happen this day. If on foreign assignment, the game is revved up. If back in the States, the lack of compassion and understanding for what you have been through weighs heavily.

From Frustration to Relief

Seeking out help can be difficult. But once you reach out, we can work together to decrease the difficulties which seem to be a day-to-day occurrence.

By working with someone who has military experience, it can allow for a deeper understanding between client and therapist. Whether it is understanding conflict between you and your chain of command, conflict between you and your spouse, or just feeling “off” – Invictus can help.

Don’t Wait; Help Yourself so You Can Help Others

Let me help you find yourself again. Call me at (719) 645-7191 or email me at [email protected]. I want to help you regain your strength and happiness.

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