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You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

– Marcus Aurelius

Knowledge Without Action Is Useless

Ever since “it” happened, life just has not been the same.

Crowds. Too much noise. Driving. They all get you amped up or angry.

If it’s not amped up or angry, it is numbness.

You want to be able to feel again. Being numb was not supposed to last this long.

To laugh. To smile. Even to cry. Just to feel something besides empty or angry.

Friends have asked – pleaded – for you to seek out help. But no one can truly “understand.” So, you just put it in a box and keep it to yourself.

But relationships have suffered. Relationships with family. And friends. Even the way you interact with people who try to talk to you in Safeway has changed.

And you just feel alone.

Until today

Today is the day you reach out. Today is the day you stop trying to do it on your own. Today you realize the importance of getting healthy – not just for you – but for those you love. And those who love you.

Today is the day you remember you haven’t gotten this far in life on your own. That asking for help is not a weakness. Today is the day everything begins to change.


I’m Michael Conner

I love being a therapist. It allows me to take care of service members, veterans, their families, and non-military individuals in an entirely different manner than I was able to before I left active duty in the Army. My overall goal is to help you become the healthiest individual – mentally and emotionally – that you can be.

My approach to counseling is honest, authentic, and non-judgmental.

Having someone to walk through the battle – whether it is internal or external – makes it easier to get to the other side.

Let’s walk together.