Emotional Recovery

Trauma is an experience that overwhelms the nervous system and generates unresolved fear. Traumatic stress creates memories that are like grooves in a record, etched into the neural pathways and nervous system of your body.

Trauma affects how we process emotions and creates common psychological problems including daily, debilitating anxiety, phobias, panic attacks and depression. Trauma can come from a single life-altering event or from something smaller that you are just trying to sweep under the rug.

I utilize therapy that rewires the nervous system. You experience resolution and healthy detachment about parts of yourself that have previously been difficult and overwhelming. This truly is what emotional recovery looks like.

Treating Traumatic Stress

When the trauma memory is triggered, the fear response is activated – and you are caught in a loop of anxiety, irritability, fear, or intense feelings of guilt or shame. Studies since 2000 show that eye movements combined with imagery can create new emotions, which replace the old negative emotions and typically provide permanent relief.

As a trauma therapist, I use techniques to stop the symptoms of PTSD, phobias, anxiety and other conditions. I offer treatment, training, and consultation to individuals wanting increased mental and emotional well-being. Together, working with clients, I can help people recover from acute or life-long effects of trauma.

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